4th Jun


There has a lot been in the Press about opting your data out of National Research being carried out by NHS Digital.

Further details about this can by found on the NHS. Digital website

You can also look on the following website about how your data matters

If you would like an opt out please download this form and send it to Branston Surgery fao The Practice Manager.


28th May

Lincolnshire Sexual Health Services

Please see the attached leaflet that explains what sexual health services are available in Lincolnshire

Services by LiSH 2021.pdf

28th May


If you have received a vaccine or are about to we have been given links to the Government websites where you look at the relevant patient leaflet for each of the vaccines

Astra Zeneca - Oxford Vaccine

Pfizer Vaccine

6th May


Please be aware that if you have Covid 19 symptoms such as High temperature, New cough, Loss of taste or smell then please ring 119 to arrange a full PCR test at a testing centre.

Please do not use a Lateral Flow Test (LFT) if you have symptoms. The LFT tests are for patients with no symptoms to check for Covid.

Due to Staff sickness the Dispensary in the Surgery will close at 3.30pm on Friday afternoons for the foreseeable future. If you collect medication please ensure you collect it on a Friday before 3.30pm. Thank you.

25th Mar

Consent to speak on behalf of a family member or friend

If a patient rings up to ask a medical question about their partner the receptionist has to check if they have given permission to discuss their health matters with you. If there is nothing on record to give consent then we cannot enter into a converstaion. I realise this can sound silly especially if a husband is ringing up on behalf of their wife to ask a question. However, under the GDPR/DATA PROTECTION ACT then we cannot discuss any matters without the permission of the patient. If we did we would be breaching patient confidentiality as well as legal regulations.

To avoid this if you want to discuss medical matters on behalf of another patient of the surgery, please send me a letter signed by the person giving permission with the details of the person they give permission to discuss their matters.

Thank you - Ian Green - Practice Manager