26th Aug


At the moment the surgery is undertaking limited Flu vaccination clinics at the surgery until we are given notice by the Primary Care Network that all future Flu vaccinations will be done at Waddington along with the Covid vaccination.

For information on who is entitled to the Flu vaccination please clink on the link below.


26th Aug


Please use this service to get a letter showing your Covid Vaccination status

You can use this service if you have had the following

You have had two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine

You had you vaccination in England

You are aged over 16

You had your second dose over two weeks ago

To get started please click on the link below.

13th Jul


From the 19th July we will be slightly amending the way the surgery operates under the new Covid restrictions.

Patient's will still be asked to phone for appointments we will not be taking appointment requests at the door.

We will still be asking that all Patients wear a Face Mask when in the surgery unless they are medically exempt.

The Front door will be unlocked during the hours of 9am to 1pm and 2pm to 6pm.. You will be able to enter the surgery only if you have an appointment already booked or collecting medication or paperwork and dropping off samples.

Please still continue to drop off repeat prescription requests through the back door.

The number of patients allowed in the waiting room will be increased from 6 to 10.

I realise these are only small changes but the Pandemic is still with us and that the measrues we employ are there to protect Patients and Staff.

COVID TESTING - Symptoms of Covid Infection are not confined to Fever, a continuous cough or loss of taste or smell. They can include headache, weakness or tiredness, muscle aches, runny nose, appetite loss and sore throat. Lateral Flow Tests (LFT) are used to look for infection in people who have no symptoms so as to prevent them unknowingly spreading the infection. If you have symptoms then you need to ring 119 to book the "gold standard" PCR swab test.

Thank you again for your understanding during these times.

4th Jun


There has a lot been in the Press about opting your data out of National Research being carried out by NHS Digital.

Further details about this can by found on the NHS. Digital website

You can also look on the following website about how your data matters

If you would like an opt out please download this form and send it to Branston Surgery fao The Practice Manager.


25th Mar

Consent to speak on behalf of a family member or friend

If a patient rings up to ask a medical question about their partner the receptionist has to check if they have given permission to discuss their health matters with you. If there is nothing on record to give consent then we cannot enter into a converstaion. I realise this can sound silly especially if a husband is ringing up on behalf of their wife to ask a question. However, under the GDPR/DATA PROTECTION ACT then we cannot discuss any matters without the permission of the patient. If we did we would be breaching patient confidentiality as well as legal regulations.

To avoid this if you want to discuss medical matters on behalf of another patient of the surgery, please send me a letter signed by the person giving permission with the details of the person they give permission to discuss their matters.

Thank you - Ian Green - Practice Manager