19th Jan


One You Lincolnshire are providing a 1 to 1 support programme for those post pregnancy wishing to to lose weight and eat well.

Please click on the document below to get more details.

OYL PNWM Leaflet A5.pdf

13th Jan

Breastfeeding Groups in Lincolnshire

Please click on the link below to get details of Breastfeeding Support Groups in Lincolnshire.

Breastfeeding groups in Lincolnshire.docx

11th Jan


The NHS app is an excellent way of obtaining information about your clinical record and also to show your Covid vaccination status


Please click on the link below to get details of how to download this very usefull app

29th Oct 2021

Infant Crying and how to Cope

Please click on the link below to download a leaflet giving advice to parents about Infant crying and how to cope.


18th Oct 2021

The Poacher Study

If you are suffering from Diarrhoea or other Gut problems on a long term basis then the Lincolnshire Poacher study would like to here from you. As they are looking into new ways of treating patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Please click on the link below to see if you eligible to join the study

Thank you 

25th Mar 2021

Consent to speak on behalf of a family member or friend

If a patient rings up to ask a medical question about their partner the receptionist has to check if they have given permission to discuss their health matters with you. If there is nothing on record to give consent then we cannot enter into a converstaion. I realise this can sound silly especially if a husband is ringing up on behalf of their wife to ask a question. However, under the GDPR/DATA PROTECTION ACT then we cannot discuss any matters without the permission of the patient. If we did we would be breaching patient confidentiality as well as legal regulations.

To avoid this if you want to discuss medical matters on behalf of another patient of the surgery, please send me a letter signed by the person giving permission with the details of the person they give permission to discuss their matters.

Thank you - Ian Green - Practice Manager